Rock Climbing



Climbing is one of the most complex sport ever. This is specific type of sport which increase two main part of human personality. Physical and mental. Physically it is completely making stronger your muscular structure, improving your body core balance, reduce stress, burns calories, helping right function the blood circulation, builds your mental strength. It will helps you overcome your limits and deepens trust in yourself and your climbing partner. This type of sport is considered for dangerous but the true is…If everything is conduct according to certain rules, it is more safety than for example cycling. During a sport/rock climbing you see a things from different perspective and perceives moves your body only. When you transfer into vertical world you feel literally free. The climbing in the spain has long history due tu a big amount of climbing areas. Especially this is sport climbing. In sports climbing is taken care above all safety and reduce all possibilities of risk. Climber protects himself into preplaced bolts by carabiners called “quickdraws” and rope which have been certificated for this activity. In areas for sport climbing are plenty of climbing roads with various difficulties. Depends only on choice of everyone. during our climbing course you will meet in detail with all climbing material and we will teach you how to work with it. You will learn properly all basics climbing technique and a technique for delaying your climbing partner which is necessary for your own climbing. After our intensive course you will able to go straight into the rock and do this beautiful sport for full.



This kind of climbing is not very different from common sport/rock climbing. For this type of climbing is better to spend at least one day together on short climbing roads to meet each other little bit more before we start to climb multi-pitch roads. The multi-pitch roads can have length from 50m up to 300m in local areas. The difference is actually just at height that where we are and it’s necessary to know how to belay lead climber, some basic work-rope technique and have at least small experience with rappelling. Let’s see a bit more on it. The main difference is the first lead climber has to belay the second climber after every pitch from upper ankle point and not from ground or the point of starting. When second climber reach same point as lead climber, he starts to belay a lead climber from same point to lead climber could continues in next pitch. It means that climbing partners constantly belay to each other. The belaying of last pitch can be 270m above ground. The experience of multi-pitch climbing is unlike sport/rock climbing much intensiv by beautiful viewings and feel of freedom which you can feel up there. For people who prefer gorgeous viewings instead high performance sport climbing can be this one the best of climbing ever. Personally we’re considering the multi-pitch climbing for the best way of climbing ever!


  • 1 person                             60 €
  • 2 persons                           55 €
  • 3 persons                           50 €
  • 4 persons and more      45 €
  • Children 5 € OFF
As far as we are concerned, there are very few things that are better than an active outdoors adventure like a climbing, via ferratas or just hiking tour through the wilderness!