La Concha

Standing at 1215m, La Concha is the highest mountain in and around the Marbella area. La Concha sits within the southernmost part of the Sierra Blanca mountain range – which is an extension of the beautiful Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park.

La Concha means “shell” in Spanish – the mountain has been named La Concha because of its distinct “shell shape”.

The walk is not really difficult, but still has some adventurous paths! The views are fantastic from very early on. At the top in a clear day one can see as far as Gibraltar, Tarifa and El-Biutz in Marocco. The 2000 high Rif mountains are seen to the south, just the African shore. To the west one can see the Costa del Sol till Málaga. To the north, the highst mountain of Malaga – ‘Torrecilla’ and the rest of ‘Sierras’ of Ronda.

The route we suggest includes thirteen and a half kilometres of path that goes from Refugio de Juanar (Juanar Shelter) to Concha Peak. It spreads among hillocks and mounts of the Sierra Blanca (the White Mountains), the Salto de Lobo (“Jump of the wolf”) where care needs to be taken particulary on windy days) or Cerro Lastonar (“Lastonar Hill”) which is actually the highst point with it’s 1275metres, but it is less interesting, until you reach la Concha Peak.There can be seen a famous Cruz de Juanar (Juanar cross), just in front of a small chapel in honour of Virgen del Carmen (Our Lady of Carmen), patroness of sailors who helped them get put of the sea in the storm this is why sailpra decided to make an iron cross from the wreckage of their ship ans honours thia divine sea rescue.

As the walk is linear we can turn back at any point.

We would recommend this hike for children aged 12 and older and for those that have a relatively higher fitness level.



  • 1 person                             60 €
  • 2 persons                           55 €
  • 3 persons                           50 €
  • 4 persons and more        45 €
  • Children 5 € OFF