Vias ferrata Comares

The village of Comares has three vias ferratas with impressive views of the Sierra de Málaga.  Fuente Gorda is the easiest and also the shortest one, with handy access, suitable for the beginners.  Cueva de la Ventana is also quite short, it starts with 25m long zip line and continues with some hard movements and an amazing view of a cave and surroundings.
Puerta del Agua is the most difficult one, high and phisically demanding. It has 2 tibetan bridges and  2 nepalese bridges and the mayority of the circuit along the high part will make us enjoy the impresive views of the area. You will need a bit of strenght in your arms to do it.
Next to the via ferrata la Fuente Gorda you can also find the longest zip line in Europe, 436 metres (it’s extra charged).

Via ferrata Fuente Gorda
  • distance:      50 m
  • time:              30 min
  • difficulties: Very easy

Via ferrata Cueva de la Ventana
  • distance:      0,8 km
  • time:              1,5 hours
  • difficulties: Easy

Via ferrata Puerta del Agua
  • distance:      0,9 km
  • time:              1,5 hours
  • difficulties: Moderate